How can I resolve when error detected in OST file?

admin | May 14th, 2015 | Outlook

MS Outlook is a complete package for managing the personal information such as; emails, contacts, notes, calendars, etc. Most of the business enterprises use Outlook as their preferred mail client since it is also configured with Exchange server. Since Outlook is linked with Exchange, Outlook has both PST and OST file formats. The offline works with Outlook is stored in OST file and later is configured when connected to the Exchange server. But, the point to be remembered is, OST files are created only when the “Cached Mode” is enabled during the configuration of Outlook with Exchange server. The OST files are the replica of the mailboxes in the Exchange server.

The configuration of Outlook with Exchange has made more market demand for Outlook. Since without the network access, the users can exercise on their works. But, there are times that the OST files get inaccessible. The reason of inaccessibility is either error in file or damage. There are many reasons for the errors. Let us see them and discover a solution for one of the most asked queries – how can I resolve when error detected in OST file.

Errors Detected in OST:
The error can even happen from human hands by mistake. The errors can be differentiated into hardware and software failures.

Hardware Failures:

  • Network Failure: When the OST file is synchronized with Exchange, if the interface card, cable, hub, etc. is affected with some problem then, OST file gets damaged or corrupted.
  • Power Failure: While accessing the file if power gets off then, OST file gets covered with error.
  • Storage Drive Failure: If the sector of the hard disk which contains OST file is affected, OST files also get damaged.

Software Failure:

Some of the errors are:

  • Virus: If the system is infected with virus then, it makes the way for corruption of OST files.
  • Synchronization Error: While synchronizing the folders with server large amount of conflict items can get interfered and causing error to OST file.
  • Improper Closing of Outlook: If the Outlook is closed before saving the changes made to the contents of OST file then, errors can get trapped in the file.

The error usually seen errors messages are:



Although there is a utility Scanost.exe for the recovery of the error, you can find that it recovers only fewer errors. For the complete recovery of the OST file user will have to access third party-software.  It recovers the OST file from corruption and even recovers the deleted OST files.