OST File is Either Corrupted or Inaccessible, How to Open It?

admin | August 20th, 2015 | Outlook

How to read or open the corrupted or inaccessible OST files?
OST files are the creation of MS Outlook when it is configured with the Exchange Server in “Cached Mode”. These offline files are of much use for works while the network is less or is not available at all. With the emergence of this, you can have the important mails from the mailbox whenever you want at anywhere. OST files are just the replica of the mailboxes in the Exchange Server. However, there are situations that make the OST files inaccessible or corrupted. If the OST file is either corrupted or inaccessible, you cannot open the emails, contacts, or any other files. What will you do in such conditions? How will you read or open the inaccessible or corrupted OST files?

What makes the file inaccessible?
While searching for the reasons of the inaccessibility of the offline files you may come across more than one specific reason. With different users the causes may vary. Inaccessibility can be either because of the synchronization problem with the server, improper closing of the Outlook, virus attack, etc. Else, the damage to the file may be because of any of the hardware or software failures. Or can be because, the OST file went orphaned. Let’s have a discussion regarding one the situation i.e. ‘OST file orphan’.

How OST files become orphaned?
When the OST file is detached from the Exchange Server, it’s termed as orphaned. There will be more than one particular reasons that contributes to OST file go orphaned. Some of the contributions are:

  • The mailboxes in the Server relocated to new database, leads to OST file get orphaned.
  • The name and other properties of the mailbox got changed.
  • If the encryption key for synchronization process is lost or mislaid from the MAPI, then synchronization will be affected and will lead to OST file go orphan.
  • If any changes are made to Outlook profile or a new profile is created, ultimately contribute to OST orphan.
  • Improper closing of the Exchange server or the failure of hard drive can be a reason.
  • If any interruption occurred during the synchronization, then offline files will be orphaned.

If the OST file is orphaned, you will find the access to the file very hard. But, there is nothing to nervous about it. The data residing will not be lost. How to read the corrupted OST files? The best remedy for this is, opening the OST file in PST format using tool.

How can OST file be converted to PST?
You can either opt for the manual procedures followed for the conversion of .ost files can be archived to .pst files, exported to PST, etc. But, all these can cause some issues with the data content. The good solution is to use third party tool and all the data will be saved to PST without any miss. OST Recovery software is the best tool for practice, will help you to convert the OST files to PST files. It recovers the deleted OST files like emails, calendars, etc. and exports to PST format. And is the best software preferred by the investigators for investigation purposes.