Find Out How to Migrate OST to Office 365 with Ease

How to migrate OST to Office 365 is a common query for all Outlook and Exchange users. It actually a scenario when you want to open your orphan ost file in Office 365. The reason behind this OST to Office 365 migration is that you don’t have access over OST file.

Outlook has become a global email client and when used in conjunction of Exchange Server and cache exchange mode of Outlook is enable, it will generate an offline file named as .ost file. Now a days, many people are worrying about inaccessibility issues of OST file. The main reason behind inaccessibility issues of OST file is that its corruption issues. If there is synchronization error in ost file, it will make OST file corrupted. At this prospect if you are choosing office 365 application to access and import OST file to office 365, it offers numerous benefits compare to other application. But How?

Office 365 is the standalone application which supports to work with Windows and Mac OS and people prefer this application as it comes with large arrays of application, including MS Outlook, Office applications, hosted services and so on. After exporting OST file to office 365 application, users have full access to work in Outlook and all files are saved on Microsoft’s Cloud storage.

Let’s See How to Migrate OST to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides an off-premise collaboration working environment for exchange/ outlook users. It supports to import PST file only. Hence if you want to move offline ost to Office 365 firstly you need to convert your .ost file into PST format. After conversion from OST, you can take simple steps to import OST to Office 365 using “Office 365 Backup & Restore” software.

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Have a Look on Benefits Behind OST to Office 365 Migration

  • Maintains offline ost file in structured format and after conversion from OST to PST it will save on Microsoft's Cloud Storage .
  • One can access their corrupted and orphan OST file in PST format by maintaining original folder structure of previous mail.
  • After executing import OST to office 365 procedure, one can access their data from any place with just a single login.

Sometimes, user think while switching from OST to Office 365, it will lost some crucial parts of email during conversion, but that’s not true. The file will remain in their original structure.Saving files on the cloud allows us access file from any place with just a single login.