Save Gmail to Hard Drive With Customized Options

Being the most used webmail service also makes Gmail highly vulnerable because of its importance to the respective account holders. Millions of people around the world are using the web and Gmail for using every Google service. They own a common account for availing the services of Google, i.e. of Gmail. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the data of that account as it is of great importance. Gmail Backup online is the solution one can easily depend on for generating a backup of the emails in their Gmail account. There is a requirement of backup in order to maintain a copy of the data to keep it secure from permanent loss.

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Preventing Permanent Email Loss: Save Gmail to Computer

In order to ensure the security of your Gmail emails, you are supposed to maintain a backup too. Backups are meant to act as an alternative that you can rely upon when the original data has undergone some kind of loss or is unavailable for the time being.

Although there is not a way to backup Gmail emails on your own but the possibility is provided by the availability of a third party application. Gmail Backup is a dependable solution in this condition as it enables users to not only backup their emails stored on the web server but also provide options to customize the process according to their needs.

Role of Gmail Backup and Advantages

Tool offers the following for downloading emails locally:

  • Download Gmail emails in multiple forms. The application features a number of options for the output generation of Gmail backup. PST, MSG, MBOX and EML file type.
  • User gets the option to choose where the backup should be saved. The option to choose browse destination path lets you select in order to choose where the backup is saved locally.
  • The data stored as a backup can be customized. User can choose which folders need to be backed up. In addition to that, you can also specify the percentage of internet bandwidth to be consumed during backup.